Welcome to Healthy Happy Home, the podcast that offers discussions and solutions for a fully conscious and integrative approach to living and parenting. We will explore and open up the topics of natural health and wellbeing, holistic parenting, consciousness and work-life balance, to empower you to live your healthiest happiest life.


Is it truly possible to work towards a dream career and fill your own cup while living holistically and raising children intentionally? Absolutely. Though of course it doesn’t come without its challenges, and we’re here to ease you into that journey while we navigate it ourselves, hopefully learning as much on the way as we share.


One thing we know as women is this: we do not have to be defined by merely one thing if we don’t want to be. We are multifaceted and we should stand proud of that! For us personally, this journey has evolved during a time where we are both striving to align our energies and find balance between the worlds of home and work. Two mothers, both at different junctures of this amazing wellbeing and parenting journey – one in the baby and toddler stage, one in the teenager stage – here to share our knowledge, wisdom and (occasional) wit.


And this community is not aimed just at mothers. It’s for anyone who wants to expand and elevate, and we want to help you do that through informed choice for decisions about healthcare, inspiration and motivation for your career upleveling, and guidance for your spiritual journey, no matter where you may be on it.


Holistic wellbeing really is our passion and expertise, with each of us having spent years both personally and professionally within the industry, helping others to find lasting wellness. So we began this podcast with the intention – alongside a host of expert guests – of providing you with information that we felt was not always accessible for us, that we had to seek out ourselves. We are all different and will all make different choices during this journey, but with so much conflicting information out there, making health decisions is not easy. Informed choice is our jam! We aim to bring you unbiased information and provide you with achievable ways to use this information to enhance and enrich your life and that of your family.


As our energies aligned once we teamed up (and what a team we make!), we began to expand and evolve ourselves, and realised that this journey was not just about physical health, but about expansion and elevation on all levels of wellbeing, so, though natural wellness is super important to us and remains a huge part of our work, you will get so much more added along the way.


We will be exploring topics such as nutrition, root-cause healthcare, ‘conscious’ or ‘intentional’ parenting, sustainable living, fertility, natural health, work-life balance, holistic education, birth, sustainability, body positivity, epigenetics, stress-management, emotional wellbeing, mindfulness, energy shifting, spirituality and absolutely anything else which falls within the realms of holistic living.


We hope to add an element of fun and light-heartedness with our own anecdotal accounts of these topics, as we navigate this journey together, and with you, our #elevationnation.


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With gratitude,

Healthy Happy Home xx

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