Tilly Wood

Tilly was born in London and grew up in the Cotswolds. A high-profile modelling career took her to live in New York, Paris, Milan and Tokyo in her late teens and early 20s. Working on shoots all around the world for fashion and beauty companies, modelling naturally led her into the world of acting and film. Working on both sides of the camera on tv commercials and music videos whilst also acting in short films, films and TV. Tilly then produced an award winning full length feature film British drama “Winter” Tilly was nominated for a BIFA Discovery Award for new talent, having been involved in all the creative and production processes from development through to post production and sales. She then went onto work in film finance, raising money for production company Carnaby International before leaving that industry to devote time to create a wellness and fitness retreat in the UK with her Australian husband, the first of which will be in April in Scotland. Spending many years in the beauty industry through her continuing work in modelling, natural healthcare and wellness has always played a big part of her life and the choices she has made bringing up her own children, both now teenagers. Having worked for many years alongside a beauty product developer, creating aromatherapy face and body oils and natural candles, she has always maintained a love of purity and transparency. Being a keen fitness enthusiast and an advocate of holistic healthcare and happiness, Tilly writes articles on family life and wellness on her blog Through My Eyes.

You can read more about Tilly on her website www.tillywood.co.uk

Lauren Vaknine

Lauren Vaknine is a mama, nutritionist, holistic wellness and parenting coach, freelance journalist and author. Lauren was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis before her second birthday, and was wheelchair-bound by the age of 18 following a year on a chemo-based drug that robbed her of her hair, her liver, her wellbeing and nearly, her life. 


After a decade-long journey spent learning about the body, nutrition, epigenetics, and a root cause approach to healthcare, she finally went into remission in her late-twenties, and now spends her time sharing her knowledge with others through her writing, live events, and now, this podcast! 


Lauren has written for publications such as Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, The Green Parent, The Natural Parent, What Doctors Don’t Tell You, Health & Homeopathy and more. She is patient spokesperson for The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, trustee of the British Homeopathic Association and has been invited to speak and host events at the Houses of Parliament to campaign for accessibility for complementary and alternative medicine, and raise awareness into the rise in chronic childhood illness.


“I believe the only way to bring true balance to the body, and subsequently achieve long-lasting health, is by following a root-cause, individualised approach to healthcare. That means not using one modality of treatment in isolation, but instead using all the natural healthcare tools available to us; through homeopathy, naturopathy, functional medicine, nutrition, and a deep understanding of the body in all its nuanced brilliance. Elevating our vibrational frequency is just as important for our health, and I’m equally devoted to both models of consciousness. We are human beings not human doings, therefore we must devote our time equally between our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It’s time we took our healthcare into our own hands.”


You can read more about Lauren’s story on her website  www.laurenvaknine.co.uk

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